Sunday, June 7, 2009

brain dead

I'm just wondering if all 12 year old boys are completely brain dead!

Alex is leaving for scout camp in the morning and he forgot to give us his permission slip and supply list. Thankfully, we made it to the church on time last wednesday so he could have his scout physical, the one he forgot to tell us about.

He is acting completely helpless and it driving me insane. Apparently in his 12 years of life, he has never figured out how to roll a pair of socks together??? I know I've taught him how to fold his laundry and socks are part of that.

The other kids are looking forward to having him gone all week. LOL I know that just losing one kid for the day makes things run more quietly, so I'm hoping it will be a relatively quiet week around here. I really need it so we can get read for this trip. We leave in two weeks!

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  1. my son is at that phase where he doesn't remember how to do
    A N Y T H I N G.


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