Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh yes he did

My not so sweet husband is currently in the dog house. You see, he invited people over to our house without telling me. Not only that, he told them to come at dinnertime. While I wasn't expected to feed them (and they weren't expected to be fed),I still have to wonder why he felt possessed to do this!

He confessed to me that they had called while he was in the middle of playing a computer game the night before and he wasn't really paying attention to what they were saying to him. I was with Alex at scouts or else I would have been sitting in the room with the husband when the call came in.

So when the doorbell rang as we were sitting down at the table, the kids ran off to tell their friends they couldn't play. Instead, I hear "It's the home teachers!" and the husband saying "oh no! I forgot they were coming!" I'm sure if I wasn't stopped like a deer in the headlights I would have had daggers shooting out of my eyes. I had already gotten out of my day clothes and was quite comfortable in my night clothes and ready for an evening of lounging around.

Just as mortifying was the fact that I had left to run errands in the late afternoon and took some of the kids with me, leaving the oldest at home to babysit. And while he did keep the kids alive, he allowed them to completely trash the living room. When hubby got home, he was supposed to have the boy clean up the mess (popcorn all over the floor, toys everywhere, the couch cushions all discombobulated...) but the boy and the husband firmly planted themselves in front of the computer. Husband did manage to start dinner, at least. He figured I'd crack the whip I got home and get them cleaning after dinner.

So this was the general state of chaos in my home when the home teachers (husband and wife couple) arrived.

Needless to say, my husband is very much in the dog house. I am not sure yet what he is going to have to do in order to get back in my good graces. The boy tried this morning by making me breakfast in bed, but then husband and the boys had to go to Atlanta and the breakfast mess is still on the counters. They are acquiring a large amount of "better make mama happy" debt. I have a feeling to make mama happy again, it's going to take Costco cake, an afternoon of uninterrupted sewing and perhaps a trip to the scrapbooking store.


  1. I would seriously kill my hubby if he pulled anything like that. Has he spent the day grovelling?

  2. NO! He's been gone all day in Atlanta (3 hours away) getting a part for our van. He took the boys with him. We were supposed to have a girl day, but he took his keys instead of mine. I don't have a key for his car so we are STUCK here and it's raining.

  3. omgosh, don't forget a limit free spree at the local fabric store!

  4. I just love this post, been there, done that!


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