Thursday, June 18, 2009

recipe review: Taco Pasta Bake

Tonight, I made The Psychotic Housewife's taco bake. I told the kids it was homemade Taco Hamburger Helper. They are pretty used to my trying out from scratch versions of boxed meals.

I ended up doubling the recipe to feed my brood. It must have weighed at least 5 lbs as I popped it in the oven. I told D that surely this is going to be a have people over for dinner recipe because the lasagna pan was filled completely to the top. I told the kids they could eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

The problem?

Everyone wanted seconds. Alex wanted thirds, but we told him he had to leave some for D's lunch tomorrow.

Next time I make this, I will definitely pair it with a salad, some bread and a fruit or something. Part of me doubts this will make much of a difference. It was a huge hit.

A brilliant tip was included with the recipe that in all my years of cooking was a real DUH moment...With the tomato paste, cut open both sides of the can and push it through. You get all the paste and you don't have to deal with using the little scraper to get it out of the can.

The only thing about the recipe I didn't like was the use of packaged enchilada sauce powder. Those are usually pretty high in sodium and have extra ingredients that aren't necessarily good for you. I'm going to be looking for an alternative to the powder for the recipe. I may just add my own mix of cayenne, chili powder, cumin, onions and garlic and see what I come up with next time.

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