Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer time

We are down to 11 days before we leave on vacation and summer is in full swing here. It is HOT. Not only hot but humid. The humidity has decreased since this morning, down to only 46 percent.

My poor garden is looking very thirsty, so I let the kids outside to play in the sprinkler so long as the garden also gets watered in the process. I know by the time we get back from vacation the garden will be gone...unless it actually rains.

Hubby and Alex are at scout camp and having a good time. Alex is trying to earn his rifle merit badge. Alex and guns...a scary thought. He may want a membership to the NRA for his birthday. *shudder*

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get all my sewing done before the trip.

I want to sew for my little nephew, so we may make him a little toy. Something easy for Leelee to do. Now, I'd love to make something cute for my other sister's baby, but the baby is still baking and as of right now, we don't know whether the baby has indoor or outdoor plumbing. ;) I guess we'll find out eventually. But I'm thinking she's having a boy. I hope she has a boy because someone needs to use the cute boy stuff I have for the baby boy I don't have!


  1. Good luck on the sewing projects...and were you referring to my bun in the oven, lol :) I'm banking on a girl but really all that matters is a healthy baby!

  2. Indoor or outdoor plumbing i like that one.
    Your trip sounds fab, hope you all have a great time


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