Thursday, July 9, 2009

bye bye washington

Today is our last day in Washington. Things have been hectic but wonderful.

Ben's baptism and Millie's blessing went well. We had most of the family here but traffic made it so some family missed the event. It was a real bummer.

Mom took the kids roller skating yesterday and she fell and we got a call early this morning that he was taking her in to the doctor to get looked at. Mom is fairly young so this is her first "old lady" type injury. Not that it's too "old lady" since she got hurt roller skating. Dad was very non-sympathetic in his joking way with her last night since he broke his ankle last year while roller skating. I think there should be a ban on my parents going roller skating!

We're heading down to Portland as soon as we get word on how mom's doing. We were supposed to leave a bit ago because we were going to get together with some friends, but family comes first, yk?

The kids have been so unsettled, especially Lizzy. This much time on the road and away from home are not doing the two year old well.

Hopefully we'll have some pictures to post later of our big adventures. We have them on CD just haven't had the chance to upload them.

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  1. roller skating huh? yikes....I haven't done that in something like 30 years! ha! Hopefully, she'll be fine soon!


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