Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just call us the Griswalds

After years of trial and error, we've determined that nothing in our lives ever goes as planned. It was our my big fear that our vacation would end up something like a scene from Vacation complete with the car going over the edge of some cliff or rolling away or some horrible yet comically funny injury to a child parent.

True to form, things are falling apart around our ears. The injuries haven't been to us, but rather parents. D, however, has threatened to throw a child over the edge of the Grand Canyon if we ever get there.

After my mom's ill-fated trip to the roller rink, we made it down to Portland where our van promptly broke down. Naturally, it wasn't the easy repair. We have had it in to the mechanic to replace the coil pack. As usually, it was a cheap part that required pulling apart the entire engine. Then, D's dad had a health scare. OK, we're worried sick about him but no one else seems to be. UGH.

Between the car repairs and wanting to spend more time with my FIL, we're now here until Monday.

Today, we took the kids to the Oregon Zoo. We've been to zoos across the country and this is one of our favorites. Unfortunately for us, we have a child who should know better who apparently doesn't know better. Being good parents, when we go out as a large group, we employ the buddy system. The buddy system, however, does not work if one of the buddies is the child who should know better but doesn't. This particular 8 yo decided, after a careful head count, to dawdle in a building and get left behind. By the next buddy check, his buddy --the 12 yo who should also know better and say "hey my buddy's missing--noted that Ben was missing.

D took off looking for him in one direction and my MIL took off in another direction and I stayed put. Mind you, this is the one time I've EVER left my cell phone at home. MIL and D both have the cell phones *and* the two way radios. I'm sitting there with nothing. D claims to have told me to meet at the green in front of the elephants, but the kids and I swear he didn't. So we sat and waited and waited til a very frustrated D rounds the corner and says everyone has been waiting for US at the green. By this point, the crisis of the missing child had been resolved.

You would expect that the 8 yo would have learned to stay with the group, but he kept wandering off. Even tho they have tested his hearing several times, I'm not convinced the child can actually hear well. I want to take him to another audiologist ...

Anyway, tonight D and I are going off to see the new HArry Potter movie and dinner at House of Teriyaki. We ate there yesterday for lunch, but I have five years of not eating there to make up for!

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  1. omgosh, that DOES sound like the Griswold's! I hope things 'settle down' and turn out fine.....just like in the MOVIES!


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