Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last update from Portland

We're heading out from Portland tomorrow. I'm really sad because we love it here so much. What I don't love is all the traffic. I am seriously wondering how I lived here for so long without going insane from it all. The south definitely has a slower pace to it and even though I really hate the giant bugs, I'm looking forward to going back.

Last night we had some spur of the moment family fun. We visited the Portland LDS Temple. that picture on the link is old and all of those trees are now very mature. It's such a beautiful building on the outside and inside. It's hard to believe D and I were married there 15 years ago!

And in contrast to that, we then took a trip to see the wildlife of downtown Portland :P We stopped at Voodoo Donuts. I have a thing for donuts. I joke that Kari's name starts with a K instead of a C because she was born the day the Krispy Kreme opened on our side of town. Voodoo Donuts has been on the travel channel and food network. It's one of those places that you just *have* to visit just for the experience. We purchased bubble gum donuts for the kids, along with the traditional voodoo doll donut. Also in our big pink box were the butterfingering (a butterfinger topped creation), an Elvis (banana fritter, topped with peanuts, chocolate chips, and chocolate and peanut butter syrups) and the maple bacon. I was skeptical about the maple bacon, but Alex loved it. If you want to try it, buy a maple bar and stick a couple crisp pieces of bacon on top. Probably cheaper than the $2.50 we spent on the single donut!

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