Thursday, July 30, 2009

yay! fair contest time again!!

The catalog with the new contests at the state fair arrived today :) The kids have been tossing around ideas on what to make for this year's contests.

The older three all want to enter the Spam contest again this year. It's a maindish. We've decided on one so far...tatertot casserole with spam instead of the other meat. :puke: but the kids are excited. Leelee wants to do a variation on green eggs and spam but trying to figure out how to make it a main dish instead of a breakfast. I suggested a panini, but she's not so in to that. Alex wants to do spam yakisoba ...*shudder*

The best part is they are having a wreck-tastic contest this year...ugliest cake. Leelee and I are both entering that one. I am not sure if it will be a complete homage to cake wrecks, because that will probably be completely lost on the judges. I may even recreate the infamous duck cake from a few years ago.

Even though I know I will lose, I'm still going to enter in the pie contest. It's the biggest contest at the fair. This year they are limiting it to one pie per category. Last year they did all pies in one category and you could enter three. I'm going to stick with what I know best and make a knock out apple pie. There's also a nut category, but I don't make nut pies...unless you count snickers as a nut pie.

We are also entering the sewing contests, and I'm limiting the little kids to the cupcakes and pumpkin decorating. We have already picked out our cupcake theme and will practice this year. Lizzy is actually entering this year so we're keeping hers very simple.

The kids were really excited to see their names in the catalog this year for their first place entries from last year. hopefully Alex will win a ribbon this year as last year he was the only one that didn't win anything.

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