Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Asperger's and homeschooling

Yeah, I know, we were homeschooling one before, but she's going back to public school. Kari got in to the magnet school Leelee attends, so we're not especially concerned about her education.

Alex, however, was supposed to attend the school where D teaches. The teachers there are great, but Alex has some social issues and is really not ready for the social aspect of junior high. Alex has asperger's syndrome along with ADHD. Adults think Alex is wonderful and has a terrific vocabulary and knows a lot about current events. He's a republican despite listening to NPR on a regular basis. While we were on vacation, he tried to engage the waitress in a conversation about our military increasing it's defenses in the pacific in response to North Korea. Clearly this is not something your average 12 year old boy would a) know about b) care about c) try to talk to complete strangers about.

Needless to say, he hasn't fit in well in school...ever. He was questioning us about the French involvement in Vietnam when he was in the second grade and it wasn't too long after that he was asking us about the constitutionality of taxes, because he didn't see any mention of it when he read the Constitution.

Homeschooling this boy will be interesting. We're actually sticking with the materials they are using in the school system, but we're actually going to cover them in more details. We're also crossing over into the Boy Scout program whenever we can in hopes that he can earn various merit badges through this.

I'm pretty confident we're doing the right thing here. Alex was kicked out not invited back to the magnet program when he was in the fourth grade because of his ADHD issues. He is not the sit down and shut up learner his teacher wanted, so we had some run ins during the year. It wasn't pleasant for any of us. He needs to move around a lot while he learns, and let's face it, that kind of thing is disruptive in most classrooms.

So, we're setting off on a grand adventure. I figure we can't do any worse than the public schools here anyway!


  1. I'm proud of you.

    I know of someone who refuses to get her son help even though he has autism. High functioning...but only to a point. It was heart wrenching.
    Working with your son in this way will bring you closer and will give him the support he needs.


Thanks and have a great day!