Wednesday, September 16, 2009

EMF and fires oh my!

I've been having a lot of trouble just staying focused and organized with things.

Maybe I can also attribute my generalized feelings of anxiety lately to high EMF? The more I read about it, the more plausible it sounds. We live in an older home that was built on land that used to be a cemetery. While I enjoy a good ghost story, I don't necessarily buy in to the whole ghostie thing.

Our home definitely has been dealing with high EMF and I'm hoping it is now taken care of. We had a power line break outside the house. No idea exactly how long it's been down. We had a small electrical fire Monday which resulted in us calling the power company. They were out right away. They diagnosed the problem immediately. He didn't even have to get up in the cherry picker to see the line was broken.

The lights in our home have always flickered when the a/c and garbage disposal were used. No sooner than the line was fixed, then the lights were no longer flickering! This could explain a lot of our unfortunate electrical explosions and meltdowns. We can say fairly certainly that it caused our PC to die, the modem to melt (those were within 20 minutes of each other Monday) and the dryer. It is probably the reason for the TV, ceiling fan explosion and lamp shooting sparks. We're filing a claim for the things we know for certain with hopes that the electric company will pony up and replace or repair the items.

Meanwhile I'm stuck using a laptop we bought in 2001. I mean it works, but doesn't have any bells and whistles.

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