Thursday, October 8, 2009

Redifining Girly with Pigtail Pals

My oldest daughter's first full sentence came at about 18 months. We were at the store getting clothes and she said "NO mama! I want pink one!" If there was ever a girly girl, it was Leelee. Even at a small age, she loved pink, kitties, ponies, babies and by age 4 was going through several outfits a day asking us "Am I fashionable?" Even now at almost 11, she loves clothes, make up and all the traditional girlie stuff (she does, however, have a secret dark sense humor!)

Contrast this with my second daughter. When she got her first baby doll, she threw it across the room and screamed "Let's wrestle!" She is more concerned with playing and getting dirty than she is anything fashionable. Bathing, in her opinion, is completely optional. Kari has been to the ER for injuries more than any of the other kids combined...and she's only six! When she was a toddler, we called her the evil demon monkey child because she climbed everything. It didn't matter how high, she'd get in to it. If you want to find Kari you look in two places: in the dirt or in a tree.

It has always been easy to find clothes for Leelee. She loves quirky yet stylish clothes. She is sure of who she is and that's great!

But what about Kari? Where were her orange and yellow clothes? Where were the clothes showing that girls didn't have to be stuck in pink, purple and barbies? Where were the clothes showing girls digging in the dirt for dinosaurs or climbing mountains or driving race cars?

Until a few months ago, there weren't many options. Then came Pigtail Pals.

Pigtail Pals is dedicated to "redefining girly" by showing "girls that they may be bold, adventurous and heroic just like the boys!"

In the face of all the pop princess divas, Pigtail Pals is opening the door for a new kind of message: Girls can be whatever they want! Girls are shown in a positive way in typically male dominated fields.

As a mom of four girls, this is a message that has been taught in schools and preached by parents, but until now, has been absent from wardrobes. If you walk into any major clothing store, the girls clothes are plastered with pictures of pop divas, princesses and kitties. Completely lacking are the clothes showing girls with dinosaurs, trains, fire trucks, and race cars. And it's just not fair!

My girls deserve to have clothes they like, even if it isn't pink and purple fluff. Heck, my three year old loves trains but have you ever tried to find little girl panties with Thomas? They just don't exist! So, she wears boys unders and we deal with it.

That's why companies like Pigtail Pals, mom owned invented and operated, are so important. They are giving voice to those girls who aren't content, even in childhood, to be boxed in to stereotypes.

I want to encourage you to check out Pigtail Pals and see the great things this small business is doing for girls.

And, if you're concerned about the economy, remember that small businesses like this one are what is going to turn things around. If you support small local businesses you are helping in big ways!

**as per the FTC stuff: I haven't received any free products. I haven't received any compensation. I just think this company rocks!**

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