Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a shout out & thank you! & laundry

I participated in an apron swap and my partner was Mary Grace She sent me the most amazing reversible apron. It's gorgeous. It was so gorgeous I put it on promptly and made dinner and spilled all sorts of things on it and now it's in my laundry. My laundry is uhh...well, let's not talk about my laundry right now.

I welcome any and all laundry advice, however. Managing laundry for eight people is no easy task and one I avoid at all costs. This means I usually end up with an email from my husband that reads:

"Dearest Wife:

My feet need socks. Matching ones would be nice, but not necessary since I've been wearing mismatched socks for a week now.

Your Patient Husband"

So uhh, yeah, me and laundry...not on friendly terms.

ANYWAY, back to the awesome apron package. She also sent me the cutest little pumpkin figurine. I've been using it to decorate my table settings at the fair cooking contests. I also love how she sent me a tiny candle and,...CHOCOLATE. Dark chocolate even. My favorite. And some candy bracelets. The kids found those and I had to pry their grubby little paws off them. I *heart* me some candy bracelets.

I'll post a picture of it soon! As soon as it's washed.


  1. i don't know if you know about, but from flylady i learned not to have a lot of things to wear to begin with and to do a little laundry each day so it doesn't pile up. btw, my husband could have written the sock note, too. :D

  2. We've trimmed down the clothes quite a bit, But we there are 6 kids. So it's just a lot of laundry in general :)


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