Sunday, October 18, 2009

We are big winners!

Since last the fair blog was updated, we added several more ribbons!

The pie was a massive flop. I have this curse: if a pie looks great, it tastes horrible. If it looks horrible, it tastes good. As you could see from the picture I posted, the pie was beautiful. Naturally, it was completely inedible. I tried it and didn't at all blame the judges for not awarding us a ribbon.

The next day, we did quite a bit better. We took two ribbons in sewing: third place in dressy clothes ages 2-6 and second place in school clothes ages 7-12.

Saturday, I managed to pull a third place win in casseroles using Psychotic Housewife's Mexican Bake recipe. Yes, it's that good! I hadn't actually planned on winning (I never do) and told the family they'd be eating the leftovers for dinner that night. As luck would have it, the dish was wildly popular at the fair and everyone wanted a taste. There was nothing to bring home.

Leelee and I also entered chicken recipes but we didn't do so well. It was unseasonably cold (in the low 50s) and the building where the event is held is not heated. By the time the judges got to my dish, it was ice cold. Ice cold chicken soup is not a good thing. Leelee made a hawaiian BBQ chicken quesadilla that was wonderful, but she wasn't lucky enough to place either. Still, we had fun and that was the most important part!

While I was making dinner tonight, the phone rang and it was the director of the Creative Living Center (this is the area of the fair where all the cooking and crafts take place). She said that our family had won an award and wanted us to be at the fair tonight to receive it! At first I thought she meant that I had won one of the drawings. This year, when you entered a cooking event, you received a ticket to enter to win some Royal Prestige cookware. I was desperate to win that, but was a bit confused why the whole family needed to be there. That's when I realized we had won something else.

Our family had actually won the Family Traditions award! This award is given to the family who wins the most ribbon points in a minimum of three categories. I was quite surprised to find out that our family, even though we didn't win first in anything, had earned this one! We received a blue ribbon, a lovely plaque and some prize money! Certainly I didn't expect our family to win anything. The CLC director made a comment about me being at all the events with the baby on my hip and being quite sure that's exactly how I must be at home. She said she remembered cooking and doing everything with a baby on her hip, too.

After we received this award, they did the drawing for the cookware. And guess what?

I won that, too!

It's actually a 7 pc set of royal prestige stainless steel bake ware. I was needing to replace mine anyway, so this was perfect.

I'm not normally a person who wins things, but wow... if we had lottery here, I'd be inclined to go buy a ticket!


  1. Awesome! That is so exciting! Post pictures of the bakewear!

  2. Whoo hoo! It was your lucky day! I'm so glad you won, and scored that cookware to boot! That's the best kind of prize as far as I'm concerned! :)


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