Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Today, Leelee turned 11! Boy has the time just flown by. She is growing in to quite the young lady.

She hopes to be a molecular gastronomist when she grows up. She's brilliant in science and she loves food, so it's the perfect career match. Her favorite school subject is science.

Leelee is my cooking buddy. She is always tasting my food and suggesting what I might add to fix things. The great part is, she's usually right! How many 11 year olds would know something could benefit from ginger or cumin or even cinnamon in a savory dish?

She is my fellow food network junkie. Alton Brown is one of her heroes. Most kids sneak out and watch cartoons. Leelee sneaks out to watch Good Eats. She's also the one pushing us to have pumpkin creme brulee instead of traditional pumpkin pie tomorrow. I mean really...what KID even knows what creme brulee is???

Her birthday cake (homemade from a box...I'm not crazy enough to do a from scratch cake the day before Thanksgiving!) is triple chocolate with dark chocolate icing and milk chocolate shavings. Little sister Lizzy helped make the cake.

I feel so blessed to have such a bright and energetic daughter. And yes, I tell her this all the time. She just rolls her eyes.


  1. Happy Birthday Sweetie! It looks like the luck runs both ways! Your mom is lucky to have daughters who enjoy cooking with her! In my house full of boys, only the dog wants to hang out with me in the kitchen. He hopes I will drop something or turn my back long enough so he can snatch something off the counter! Enjoy your day!

  2. LeeLee sounds like an amazing girl. I hope my daughter is as cool when she's 11.

  3. I miss my cooking buddy Micki! She was always smarter than i was. How sad!!! Enjoy her while you have her at a fun stage and not the KNOW IT ALL stage, LOL


Thanks and have a great day!