Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cool things I've learned

I'm really excited about something I learned last week. It's not earth shattering. It's not even profound. It was just one of those cool tips that won't change my life but will make things easier.

Did you know that storing your PLASTIC WRAP in the FREEZER will prevent it from sticking to itself when you take it off the roll?

I tried it. It works. WOOHOO

I'd love to compile a list of "hey wow! that works!" tips. If you have one, please share it here and I'll make a big post!


  1. Hahaha! I saw that, too. On Rachael Ray! I love that show!!!

  2. Here's something I learned...
    Always cut brownies with a plastic knife. For some reason they don't get all clumpy.

  3. Here's my weird tip: http://www.domesticdork.com/2009/06/toilets.html

  4. I had never heard of that before... good tip!!

  5. I never knew that! Thanks for the tip!

    p.s. I found your blog wandering around the blogosphere. I was grabbed by your title, since it's pretty much exactly me!
    I'll be back!


Thanks and have a great day!