Saturday, November 28, 2009

I've got PIE hopes!

I'm not sure if I'm stupid or stubborn. After 15 years of ruining just about every pie I came in to contact with, one would think I would have thrown in the towel. I entered the pie contest at the fair, and lost. The pies were pretty, but disgusting.

This year, I decided to try yet again in making a pumpkin pie. I could see the panic on D's face. I didn't buy any pies at all. He was going to be forced to eat the one pie I made.

Thanksgiving morning, I decided to make this Pumpkin Pie recipe I found on epicurious. Not only was it a pie, it was a pie recipe I had never attempted before. With my track record, it wasn't going to end well.

But I'm stubborn and figured one of these years I'd find a pie recipe that looked good and tasted good.

One secret I stumbled upon was to use milk instead of water in the crust. That has made a huge difference in the quality of my pie crusts. I also put my shortening in the freezer, at the suggestion of my grandmother.

Wouldn't you know it, but it made a wonderful flaky crust!

When D distrusts my culinary skills, he'll fill up on something else so he'll only have to eat a few bites. It's nice that he gives me that vote of confidence on Thanksgiving by loading up on dinner.

I convinced him to take a bite of the pie while I was dishing up the kids' plates. The look on his face was priceless! Shock. Total shock. Shock that the pie wasn't just good, it was delicious!

I keep all my holiday recipes in a binder so I don't have to go looking for them each year. D asked that I put this pie recipe into my binder. He wants it for Christmas dinner, too.

So, 15 years and who knows how many pies...I emerge victorious!


  1. Great job! I have never attempted to make a pie and I don't have any plans to. I am not so much with the baking. Awesome that you now have the Pie of Deliciousness.

  2. Congrats! Tell D he didn't marry a quitter! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!


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