Monday, November 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday-Nov 23

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I think everyone will be tossing in a lot of leftover turkey recipes over the next week. We ended up buying a 20 lb bird for 7 of us. We'll be eating turkey til Christmas!

Monday: Taco Rice
Tuesday: Salmon-broccoli cheese pasta
Wednesday: Spaghetti and birthday cake (My oldest girl turns 11)
Thursday: Turkey and all the crazy fixins
Friday: Hot turkey sandwiches
Saturday: Goulash
Sunday: turkey and dumplings

We have a friend who used to be a butcher. He offered to cut our turkey up for us. I am probably going to take him up on that. It will make it easier to cook and we'll have fewer leftovers and we can use the bird over a longer period of time.

I may just go buy another cheap bird and have him show me how to break it down so I can do it myself. Turkey is very economical this time of year. You can even make your own ground turkey breast by putting it raw through a meat grinder or your food processor.


  1. Now why have I never thought about cutting up a turkey like a chicken? Not that I know how to cut up a chicken, but you're right. Smaller parts would be easier to cook. Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. My daughter will turn 11 on her birthday in January! Are you throwing a party? Care to share any tips??

  3. shawnee: we don't do parties every year. she'll get a big party when she turns 13. It's easier on me that way LOL


Thanks and have a great day!