Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving vs the goats...and a baby too!

I recently entered a drawing over at A Southern Fairy Tale and took the challenge to tell my favorite Thanksgiving memory. For the last 11 years Thanksgiving has been completely tied to the memory of my oldest daughter's birth.

It was a rainy Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was sitting on the couch watching Mr. Rogers when my water broke. I called my husband who was in class (as an undergrad!) and a neighbor to drive me to the dr's office to confirm that my water broke.

At the Dr's, the nurse checked with the magic paper and said my water hadn't broken but she'd go look under the microscope anyway. While we were waiting, the baby moved and I found myself sitting in a very large puddle of water. The nurse came back and said "nope your water hasn't broken" and I pointed out the puddle of water :P Needless to say I was given a pass straight over to the hospital.

I remembered how much the contractions hurt with my first induced labor, and hoping to avoid that, I asked for an epidural. The lady came in and it felt like she was stabbing me in the back and pain went down to my toes. I decided the epidural wasn't worth it and told her to go away.

Hubby and I played some cribbage. We started watching a James Bond movie.

Those pesky contractions started hurting a bit. We were about 2 hours in to it now. I asked for the epidural again. New anesthesiologist. I sat up. They prepped my back. I had a bad contraction and said "I feel the head!"


So they have to finish what they are doing. They get me back down and say "Don't push!" and I'm like "yeah right!"

There's nothing like having an unmedicated birth when you weren't planning on one!

And soon enough my 7 lbs 3 oz daughter entered the world. Angels sang. We were happy. All was well.

I was very anxious to get out of that hospital and home. I did NOT want to spend Thanksgiving eating hospital food. But my pleading went on deaf ears and I was stuck in the hospital on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving was traditionally hosted by my mother-in-law. At the time, their home didn't have central heat. D pointed out that a one day old baby probably didn't belong in a home with no heat. I pointed out then that he better spend most of the day with me AND bring me a plate of good food.

The plan was going well until the phone rang in my hospital room. It was my FIL. My sister's dog had gotten loose and had (and there's no nice way to say this) eaten their two goats. It was a mess. MIL and SILs were hysterical. There were goat guts everywhere. And D needed to go help.

So I was left abandoned in the hospital with crappy food while my husband went to help with the crime scene clean up.

Even tho is it a rather gross story of Thanksgiving, it has left me quite thankful of the blessings I do have: Family. I had a beautiful daughter and I didn't have to personally deal with the goat mess. And, it's a great story! Leelee has a very dark sense of humor so having her birth story tied up with the vicious murder of two goats by a dog is actually quite fitting. LOL


  1. Yep! Thanksgiving will always be special for you! I hope ya'll eat turkey instead of leg of goat! Happy Birthday to your baby girl (no matter how old she is!)

  2. It wasn't until this year that mom reminded me that those things happened on the same day. I guess I was a little preoccupied with the events of day. How crazy! It's also crazy that all that happened 11 years ago! Where does the time go?
    the less hysterical of the 2 SILs :)

  3. I didn't name names about the hysteria LOL I really can't think of Thanksgiving without thinking of the dog, the goat, and the baby ROFL

  4. I remember that happening...I was living with Shannon in the trailer in the backyard. Luckily I was home for the holiday weekend, but I remember coming back and noticing they were gone a few days later. :)


Thanks and have a great day!