Sunday, December 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday--Dec 14

This Monday is my husband's 39th birthday. I'm sure he's just thrilled that I'm announcing it to the entire world! The kids keep teasing him that now he's officially old. I have reminded the children that official official oldness happens next year when he turns 40.

I know I certainly don't feel my age. And, last time I posted a picture of myself on a forum, someone commented that I looked 12. I keep thinking that's going to come in handy and I'll appreciate my youthful appearance when I'm officially officially old.

This week will also see us very busy. We still haven't gotten around to getting a tree. Not sure when. I'm sort of lobbying for not at all. With the 3 year old, the 8 month old and a cat, the less time the tree is up, the better! Besides, the tree isn't what Christmas is about.

And I also wanted to update on the pantry challenge! I shopped last week just for fresh produce, milk and bread. I spent a whopping $48! And, I don't have to go shopping for anything but bread and milk this week, either...oh and a can of pineapple, but still...$48 for eight people for two weeks is not too shabby! I'll probably spent about $12 this week.

Monday: Hawaiian Meatballs (DH's choice)
Tuesday: Chicken Parm
Wednesday: Beef Stew
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Church Christmas party (bringing soup and dessert)
Saturday: Lasagna
Sunday: turkey roast

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