Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Socks are the real enemy

I think the title says it all, don't you?

Show of hands for everyone who hates dealing with socks. I know I hate them.

I have long since given up hope of trapping the monster that eats the socks right out of the dryer. My focus is now on the monster that sneaks them out of the laundry basket and prevents them from making them in to the wash in the first place! I think our sock monster prefers dirty stinky smelly socks to clean ones.

My children keep leaving enticing sock snacks all over the house. I have told them so many times that the kitchen is not the laundry. Their dirty smelly socks are not to be kicked off while they are doing homework at the table. I also have been finding socks stuffed under the couch cushions. You can't see me, but I'm shaking my head.

All the men folk in this house wear the same sized socks. Yes, that includes Ben. I swear we have Sasquatch DNA somewhere in the family. The men tend to have big feet and are really hairy. D was until he shaved his head. As for the girls, Leelee and I wear the same size (that is, if i actually wore socks. I have issues with them). Kari, Lizzy and Millie all share the same size.

If you think about it, socks should be easy in this house: Men socks, women socks and baby socks.

No. Nothing is ever easy.

I've tried the mesh bags and putting like socks together. I've washed the socks in the bag, but that only helps if the socks actually make it to the wash.

Once the socks are washed, they go into a big basket. The dreaded sock basket. I'm sure you all have them. I was talking to one mom who's punishment for her children was to make them fold the sock basket. That's just child abuse, right there!

Our sock basket situation is quickly deteriorating. We can't find any matches. It's never been this bad.

It took me awhile to figure out why things are in this crazy sock state. That's when I realized we've been in this house five years! FIVE YEARS! We used to move about every 2-3 years before settling here. And, each time we moved, I'd match what I could find and toss out the rest of the socks. We'd start fresh in the new place.

I know that sounds so terribly wasteful, but the socks drive me crazy otherwise.

This Christmas, everyone is getting new socks and my gift to myself is throwing out 8 people's worth of mismatched socks.

I am fully aware this is not the best solution, and would greatly appreciate to hear from my readers the solutions they've found to destroying the sock monster!


  1. you have just taken a post right from my own family! Every thought every word.I wish I could help you but I myself have often wondered if we needed sock counciling!

  2. I have a family of 5 and we only wear matching socks when they come straight out of the pack. My son started early with mis matcheds. I was taking him to school one morning (he was in kindergarden) and I looked down to see he had on one black and one tan sock...just as he was getting out of the car. Oye!
    I am following you! Come check out my site...


  3. Sasquatch, huh? I love that analogy!

    Don't feel guilty about throwing them out! Get rid of the things that bug you. Buy each kid 10 pair of socks. For example, Will has black socks. Rick has white socks. Tony has old man socks. I have girl socks. There is no room for creativity. But if all the socks are the same for one kid, even if you lose one, there are plenty you can match the stray with. Eventually, another will disappear and you'll have matches again.

    Unfortunately, making the socks walk to the laundry room is the tough one and I have no solutions for that one!

    You are not alone!

  4. The kids can only wear white socks to school. Stupid uniform rules.

  5. I had a friend in highschool that came from a family of 11 kids...can you imagine their sock drama! Their mom had a system that worked AMAZING, as long as everyone did their part. Each kid had a different color assigned to them and she bought a package of corresponding colored diaper pins for each kid. When a new pair of socks were bought they were taken out of the package, pinned together with the corresponding color of diaper pins and placed in the person's drawer. When they wore them they took the pin off and place it on their dresser, which was waiting for them that evening when the socks were taken off...they pinned them back together and tossed them in the dirty clothes bin to be washed. Viola! All your socks are automatically matched and sorted as to who's are who's. It worked great! The kids had done it for so long, they all still did it out of habit when they left home to go to college and started the system in their families when they got married.


Thanks and have a great day!