Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside

I'd rather shovel rain than snow.

That's been my motto ever since spending two years in college in Idaho. I don't like snow. I don't like cold.

As much as the summers in the south are terrible, the winters are very tolerable. It's usually four to six weeks at most where it's cool. It's not enough for me to worry about winter coats for the kids. We just layer.

Occasionally, an arctic mass will move some cold air down south, but not often enough to keep things stocked.

Unfortunately, one of those arctic air masses is pushing cold air. We are having temperatures that are about 30 degrees below average. This time last year, it was 77 degrees! The record low for our city is 23 degrees. Tomorrow's predicted low is 16.

To say we're not prepared for the cold, is a bit of an understatement.

The kids each wore three coats to school today!

It's a good thing we went camping in Yellowstone this summer because we do have sleeping bags for cold temperatures.

Our biggest concern right now is the expected precipitation for Thursday. It's not that it's going to snow (there is a chance) that concerns me, it's the rain. Rain and sub-freezing temperatures mean ice. Ice on power lines mean no electricity! Our homes aren't well insulated for this sort of weather so the situation could be very very cold.

The good news (or not) is that we have a gas stove. At least we can still cook! And, I stocked up on yeast so we can bake bread and warm up the house a little bit. I just wish we had a fireplace.

Hopefully we won't be without power and heat.

People seem optimistic so far. The stores weren't completely empty of bread and milk.

So, think good, warm no ice storm thoughts for us!


  1. Are you in NC? We have the same forecast. Although, I'm pretty sure we didn't have 77 degree temps last year in January!

    My youngest refuses to wear long pants (it's one of those sensory things) so his little legs are chapped from all the cold weather!

    I thought about you yesterday when I started out dusting the house and wound up loading the car with stuff to take to Goodwill. In between, I did some laundry, sprayed Clorox in the toilets, cleaned off the top of one cabinet, ran 2 loads through the dishwasher, cleaned out 3 cabinets, and took the dog for a walk. I hope to finish dusting the living room today! Can you say distraction!!!!

    Anna, the ADD Gene of the Family!

  2. Another NCer here. I'm so done with this cold weather, but at least I can be confident that SNOW! never really means SNOW! I could never survive in Idaho.

  3. We're further south...in Alabama. It's not supposed to be cold here.

  4. oh my gosh, I know what you mean! Saturday our power went out. The upstairs unit still worked but couldn't keep the house warm so it was 55 degrees in the house! We got it fixed yesterday...just in time for our 'in the TEENS' weather we are supposed to have this weekend! YIKES!

  5. Woohoo! I'm so glad you can come! I can't wait to meet you! Invite some other friends you haven't met yet!



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