Monday, January 11, 2010


That pretty much describes me lately. Any time after a big change in my routine, like say...a's so hard for me to get back in to things again. I don't transition well. It's one of the more frustrating parts of ADD.

It literally takes me weeks to get in to a routine and then the kids have a holiday and it throws me all out of whack.

I haven't even managed a decent menu plan this week. How pathetic is that?

The bright side is, the laundry is almost caught up. That has to count for something!

Meanwhile, I keep telling myself I'm going to get specific things done and I don't get them done. I'm constantly distracted by everything else that needs to get done. I really wish I could be on my medication. Unfortunately, the medication I was on that was safe for nursing mamas and was very effective and helpful for me after Lizzy was born, was not so great this time around. I was having panic attacks, which is not a good thing. I couldn't even drive my car to the store without freaking out and the store is about two miles from the house. While my ADD was under control, I had so much anxiety, nothing was getting done. What kind of choice is that? Anxiety or ADD. I'll take ADD over anxiety, thank you very much! I'd rather feel like I misplaced my mind instead of feeling like I completely lost my mind and will never ever find it again!

I need to really develop a new plan of attack for things.

One thing that is helping is having a binder for important papers. I labeled page protectors: one for each person, insurance, to do lists, deal with this NOW, coupons, gift certificates

This really came in handy today, for example. D has to appear in court tomorrow seeking restitution for, among other things, the injuries he sustained back in May. I have all his doctor bills that we paid in his file! I know this seems like a big DUH for those of you who have normal brains, but for this ADD chica, knowing where the papers are AND the location of the binder is a MAJOR accomplishment. Seriously. Now, we just need good thoughts that we'll actually *see* the restitution money. The court will order it, I'm sure...just not sure if the party in question will ever have the ability to pay.

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