Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't tell me no!

The last time someone told me I couldn't do something, as in didn't have the physical ability or talent, was almost 13 years ago. Alex was just born at 33 weeks and the NICU staff told me I couldn't breastfeed. I was pumping like crazy and wasn't getting much of anything. The nurses told me I didn't have any milk. It was very discouraging, but after they told me I couldn't (and I wasn't planning on nursing to begin with. I was going to try, but that was it) I was determined that I would breastfeed. As it turns out, I was right and they were very wrong. Not only that, I went on to successfully breastfeed all six of my children and have turned that awful first experience around for good and now help other mothers and babies!

Last night, I discovered plans to build a set of bookshelves that are Pottery Barn look alikes. Check 'em out! D told me I didn't have the ability or skills to do this. He said if I try, they won't be sturdy. He said I couldn't even put together store bought furniture. This is totally untrue. As a matter of fact, my best friend and I redid my master bedroom several years ago while D was gone on the weekend and the only thing we weren't able to do was installing the ceiling fan. The only reason the bookshelf collapsed was because my 5 ft 6, 130 lbs 12 year old decided to sit on the corner.

So, now i am bound and determined to make these shelves....without telling my husband. I do have to buy a nail gun thing, which we need anyway for when he does some other home repairs. It's an investment, right? Besides, even if I totally mess it up, we can always take the MDF and stick it on some L brackets in the closet.

I think I'm going to try to do this next week, depending on the weather. Hopefully it will stay dry.

Any tips would be appreciated!


  1. If it turns out bad, haul it to the dump before anyone can see it and never mention it again! Just pretend you changed your mind!


  2. you can do these! My husband and I built the media base for the PB Style Logan entertainment center lastnight........2 hours and looks great!!! Waiting on the paint to dry right now.


Thanks and have a great day!