Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--Jan 25

I haven't really been avoiding the kitchen since the disaster, it just seems that way. I've been ill and very busy with the kids. So no blogging!

But this week we are going to be back with the cook along. This time we're going to make a roux and from there a mornay sauce over noodles. It's fancy mac n cheese. And I promise the noodles will be done at the same time as the sauce! It'll taste better the Yellow Death in a Blue Box that most of you are familiar with. And, since it takes the same amount of time to prepare, you really have no excuse to keep making it from a box :)

Gather your ingredents:

Cheese (cheddar, parm, white cheddar...whatever cheese you're craving)
half and half/cream/whole milk
salt and pepper

In other bloggy excitement, I'm ending my use up the pantry stores challenge as we've pretty much cleansed the cabinets! So it's time to rotate in a new round of food storage starting next week. I think my kids are going to be so glad not to eat a bean for a long time.

This week's Menu

Sunday: Ham, mashed potatoes, green salad
Monday: Quiche
Tuesday: Taco Rice
Wednesday: Tuna Casserole
Thursday: PAY DAY! Eat out!
Friday: kids pizza grown ups: shhhhh we're going on a date! don't tell D!

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