Sunday, January 31, 2010

Organization Insanity

Life around here is a constant state of chaos. It's an ongoing battle between me, the kids and their stuff. With my ADD issues, I'm usually losing. I mean, consider my last post where I was minutes away from buying something I already had because I forgot I had it! This is how I end up with so much ... junk.

I keep trying to find ways to keep up with things. I've done flylady...or at least tried. I've found that the flylady technique doesn't work well if you have ADD. The reminders represent a constant shift of focus. I don't transition well and I don't leave one activity to move on to another very well. It really represented more stress. And with the impulsiveness that leads me to purchase things I don't need, it also leads me to get rid of things I don't necessarily need to get rid of.

What has worked best is to designate a place and date and have a sufficient amount of time to start the task and finish it. Start to finish. If I finish it, I feel able to move on to the next task mentality.

Going into a room and cleaning for 5 minutes is the worst thing for me! I need time to prioritize and decide what to do. I could spend 5 minutes just deciding which part of a room to tackle.

So here are my best tips for getting things organized when you are distractable:

  1. Decide what you want to accomplish: Are you just in it to tidy? Organization? Purging?
  2. How much time do plan to dedicate?
  3. Determine the place best suited for the amount of time. Then, move to the spot you think won't take all that long. You'll end up spending more time than you planned!
  4. Get three bags: Keep, Trash, Donate
  5. Touch it once and make the decision of where to put it
  6. Don't move from the area until it's done.
  7. Take the Trash to the trash.
  8. Take the donate to your car right then and drive it to the thrift store!
  9. In the keep bag, decide best how to store the items. Do they belong in another room? Will a basket work?
  10. Put the keep items away
I know it sounds so basic. But it isn't. At least not for me. The trash bag usually makes it out to the trash. The donate bag, however, sits in the room and gets knocked over. And it stays there until I am sick of it then I move it to my van. There it remains until the back of the van is too full to have the donate items and groceries. THEN I finally get rid of it.

I've been working on my fabric stash. I consolidated a nice portion of it. But the things that were with my sewing that didn't belong there have just been moved to another spot they don't belong so I could at least finish the sewing. The good news, this time at least, is the donate pile has already been taken care of. I think D wanted the fabric out of the house before I had a chance to change my mind!

My next project is to go through the mending and seasonal clothes. I am hoping to finish that this week. After that, we go after the girls' room...again.


  1. Thanks for the how-to list. It's good to have a plan. I tend to start on something and move on to 12 other projects before my time is up. None of them are completed and you can usually follow the trail from start to finish!


  2. Thank you for putting this on twitter. I think it will come in handy this weekend for sure


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