Friday, January 29, 2010

Scratch that...better be frugal

After my last post about building those shelves, I had actually managed to convince my husband to build them with me! I was really excited. A nice fun, couples project!

As we were driving to do some shopping today, D asked a very important question: Why did I want to build bookshelves out of MDF when I have two gorgeous Brazilian pine bookshelves sitting in the shed?



The answer to that would be: I forgot I had them!

Several years ago, I picked up these two beautiful bookshelves at a yard sale for $20. It was an amazing find. The only problem was the scale. With the giant entertainment center, we just didn't have the room for these bookcases. They were relegated into storage...and there they've sat for the last three years.

So, we're going to use what we have and put my pretty bookcase up in the living room and mount the TV on the wall.

I did pick up a closetmaid cubical thing at Target today for less than I would pay to make the bookshelves. Those cubies are going in our bedroom to hold my fabric.

I guess the big moral in this is make sure you go through your storage to make sure you don't have something that will work before you start on a project! I'm really glad D remembered. I am such a ditz lately. LOL

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