Monday, February 8, 2010

Life with Aspergers

It's hard having a kid with a disability people can't see. On the surface, Alex looks like a very normal kid. He has a wonderful memory for facts, so he does well on tests and spitting back information. Actually using that information and drawing conclusions or doing more than one step in a row...not so good.

Thursday, my HUSBAND, commented in a very amazed voice that "Your SON" (and why is it always MY son LOL) "YOUR SON doesn't know how to follow a conversation" and I'm thinking "you've lived with him for the last nearly 13 years and you're JUST figuring this out?" I guess he thought Alex was always just being goofy. But today, D was talking to Alex's "girl friend" and another friend at lunch about car accidents. Alex pipes in with "What's the best kind of donut?"

Friday, Alex was so oblivious to what needed to happen he was hit with a door FIVE times as people were coming in to the cafeteria. Each person asked him to move more than once before they just opened the door. More than one adult was involved in convincing him he needed to move out of the doorway so people could get in. And the louder the kids laughed at him getting hit, the less inclined he was to move. He thought he was being funny.
He really does not get it.

Compared to many children with autism spectrum issues, Alex isn't "that bad" but my gosh, we've worked so stinking hard to get to this point! And people don't see the "dealing with this every day" side. they just see the public face...the one we've trained our kids to put on so we can work somewhat within the framework of society.

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