Friday, February 26, 2010

The Plague

We have the plague...or at least the baby does. She tested positive for both flu and strep (except she got a rash, which means Scarlet Fever). We are doing the whole antibiotic thing and avoiding people and places. We are really hoping this doesn't spread through the family. But my attentions have to be focused on the little one.

Little B is reading a book for school and the main character's little sister dies from Scarlet Fever. He's a very sensitive guy anyway, so now he's very worried about the baby. He started crying when he found out she was very sick. Such a sweet boy. We had a very nice discussion about antibiotics and how they can be helpful when necessary. He's been on antibiotics one time in his 8 years...coincidentally, for scarlet fever and cellulitis!

When my kids get sick, they really get sick. And here's the part where I bore you with proof of how my kids "do" sick...because it's not just your normal sick. They'll get the occasional cold and will pass along a stomach bug, but when it comes to visiting the dr sick? Our family doctor knows if I'm calling, my children are on death's door LOL

Leelee once developed periorbital cellulitis. She spent several days at the children's hospital. She had an anaphylactic reaction in the ER and they whisked us to another hospital very quickly. At the time, we didn't know she was allergic to latex, which would have explained the whole hives and airway closing off.

Danger girl, at about 18 months, had strep, tonsillitis, double ear infection and impetigo. All at the same time. And we continue to deal with Pityriasis rosea.

I mean really? Who gets sick with stuff like this?

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