Wednesday, March 17, 2010

busy week!

I haven't been posting much because of Spring Break. The kids are all home!

The fun things this week: Leelee is being a mother's helper for a friend of mine. She's getting "baby sitting" training with a mom right there. It's been great for her. She's going to be so ready to babysit for real pay soon!

The other great thing (and the main reason I haven't been blogging) is D decided to repaint the living room. It's a softer color than it was before. The boy swears it's the same color, but it's not :P The color before was called Cork by Benjamin Moore and now it's something closer to the leather patch on a pair of Levi's. I can't remember what it's called. We bought it ages ago and had it mixed at Walmart rather than the fancy paint store. It took three days between the painting and priming. And now, I have my living room and computer back.

This weekend I'm headed to Mississippi for a retreat for the organization I volunteer with, and I'm super excited. So you probably won't hear from me til next week!

Oh and coupon news...check out the ticker! I saved $15 this week in just coupons. I spent $12 before taxes and saved $33 between coupon and store savings!

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