Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wow! coupon update

As you all can see from my ticker off to the side, in two weeks, I've already saved nearly $35 in coupons alone! If I total up all the sale items, my savings are in the range of $200.

Right now, I have a freezer and pantry stocked full of vegetables. It's pretty amazing. I did my big coupon shopping today and with what I have left to buy for this week, I will spend a grand total of $50 for my family of 8! This includes toilet paper and diapers and meat. It's absolutely CRAZY. People thought I was the queen of frugal before for only spending $100 a week on groceries!

I just wish I could print off more than two coupons. For many families, two would be use one and store one. That's not the case for us. It's use two, store none.

Elsewhere on the home front, I am still in the process of weeding our garden patch. I want to plant just a few things this year. Less is more when you have a black thumb. I just want to grow SOMETHING and not kill it.

The weather is turning sunny and warm. Pretty soon I'll be complaining about running the air conditioning! School gets out in 8 weeks. And baby girl's birthday is in 15 days. No big plans for her first birthday. I'll make a cake. She'll make a mess eating it. We're not so big in to birthdays.

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