Thursday, April 22, 2010

terrible horrible no good very bad day!

I don't post many vents but what happened today was a real doozy!

The oldest girl sprained her ankle playing soccer last night. I knew it was a bad sprain but the school requires a dr note to be out of PE and to use the elevator. Our dr office only has one DR so it's really hard to get in same day. Plus since we knew he'd want x-rays our choices were limited to the urgent care or the ER.

It wasn't an emergency so we went to the urgent care. I dropped the terrorist (3) at her best friend's house and off we went. It's not terribly busy at the urgent care. But we still sit there for 90 minutes before they call us up to fill out the insurance paperwork. We've been there before but it's been longer than 6 months. I get it all filled out and the lady tells me I need to pay. I inform her that no, I don't need to pay, our insurance covers this at 100 percent. She gets huffy and demands if we have an accident rider. Yes, we do. She rolls her eyes and says "i'll see if I can find it." Thirty more minutes pass and she informs me she can't find it and we need to pay for the visit and deal with the insurance company on our own. I've BTDT with my insurance and never got fully reimbursed and we're still dealing with the insurance and billing issues 2 years later from the last time we paid. I told them we'd try our luck at the ER. So off we went to the ER which was deserted for once. We got in and out complete with X-rays, crutches and a DR's note in about an hour. Oh and the billing person found our accident rider in like 30 seconds. No charge.

Oh but wait, there's more that turned this day into a special kind of crazy that only *I* will ever have a chance to experience.

While we were at the urgent care my DH calls in a BAD mood. Someone didn't get paperwork to him in a timely manner and he had to get in a stack of things to the office by 315. So it was going to a be extremely difficult for him to drop The boy at home so at least *someone* was there when the other two kids came home. DH had a tutoring appointment from 4-630. He was not a happy camper.

As soon as I get off the phone with DH dealing with that stress, the mom who is watching my 3 yo calls. I figured she was calling to see how we were doing. No. It was to let me know that her neighbor's pet RAT was loose and BIT my daughter. Yes, BIT. a rat bit my kid.

The nice part is a doctor had just walked in to the waiting area and I said "Hey, do I need to bring in my kid if she got bit by a rat?" And he said "NO, rats aren't rabid. Just clean it, neosporin it and watch for signs of infection."

As we're driving home tonight, I realize this is a day I just have to laugh about so I don't cry. I stopped at the store and fed my kids barf aka hamburger helper. DH cooked it. His last tutoring student didn't show so he came home early.

I went over to my best friend's house and enjoyed some bruschetta, caprese, pate, seared ahi tuna and some wonderful cheeses and a dr pepper. I don't drink so the dr pepper is as strong as it gets. LOL


  1. Dr. Pepper cures my every ail, lol. Sorry your day was so bad. At least other days will look wonderful in comparison, right? ;)

  2. I probably should not say anything but I really liked the recounting of your day, until the last sentence.

    Your feeding your kids hamburger helper then going off to have a nice dinner elsewhere?

    What am I missing?

  3. it's just the way it worked out. I didn't know my friend was going to feed me. I had all intentions of eating a bowl of cereal for dinner. its my comfort food :P


Thanks and have a great day!