Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have a little model here who wanted to show everyone what I've been up to!

School is winding down. We've had science fairs, campouts, bad weather, injuries...you know, life going on as normal around here.

Little Miss is now sporting 5 teeth. They came in in a strange order, but that seems to be the "normal" for my kids.

The Terrorist, I love that kid. She has this knack of knowing exactly when Little Miss is drifting off to sleep and BAM runs in to the room screaming or laughing. She now has two little friends she plays with regularly. She says she's going to marry R when she grows up. She also has her own sense of style, insisting on wearing long sleeved shirts when it's 80 degrees. It's just not worth that battle right now. The long sleeved shirts are disappearing as I do laundry.

Danger girl's asthma is acting up. The big news is she finally topped 40 lbs! She'll be 7 in a couple months. She still shares clothes with the terrorist, but she's actually growing a bit! I was starting to get worried. She's still loads shorter than the other kids her age, but she can finally sit in her booster seat. Every time she rides in the van without the terrorist, she wants to sit in little sister's 5 pt harness. I guess it's a cooler seat.

Little B is very close to finishing his scout thing. I can never remember if he's a wolf or a bear. It's all the same to me! Anyway, the one he has to finish before he turns 9. He has day camp this weekend and he'll finish almost all the requirements he has left.

Leelee is going on a big field trip at school. We had to get her middle school intent letter turned in last week. She is planning on taking the foreign language sampler and band. She hopes to play flute. I gave her a choice of flute or clarinet since those are the two instruments we own already. She will be in all honors classes. And it looks like she will be ending the year on straight A honor roll! I'll keep everyone posted. It's a pretty big deal for her. She's a very bright girl but has always had that one B keeping off the high honor roll.

The Boy also is perched on the edge of all A honor roll. He is also planning on taking all honors classes next year! Much to his dismay, he will be joining a summer bowling league for special needs kids. Even tho he doesn't have a visible disability like some of the kids who will participate, he is really going to benefit from the group experience. Asperger's kids don't always do so well in group activities and peer relations are something The Boy has struggled with.

D so far will be at the same school for next fall. The district reserves the rights to make any changes at any point. With our luck they are going to make him change schools the day before school starts.

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