Thursday, May 6, 2010

Honey Do Lists!

With summer vacation coming up, I am excited that just maybe we'll be able to cross a few things off DH's honey do list. The folks over at Service Live were offering an incentive to blog about our own Honey Do lists. You can read other great posts about this over at Twittermoms.

Here are a few things that have yet to get done that have been driving me crazy

1. The foot molding in the kitchen is STILL not in. It's been a year!
2. Kids' bedrooms still not primed. We've had the paint for TWO years
3. Hardwood floors need a good cleaning and spiffing up
4. The lawn...needs a good dose of weed killer and mowing (constantly)
5. PLEASE get the curtain rods up in the girls' room, kitchen and fix the one in our room!

I'd like to pretend that the biggest motivator for getting things done isn't visiting family, but that is our reality right now. I swear, D gets out his toolbox and the kids get excited "Daddy! Daddy! Who's coming to visit?"

It would be great to have someone else to do these things. D is totally overworked lately and I'd love to take two or three or ten things off his list! That would be the perfect Father's Day or Anniversary present!

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