Monday, May 10, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--May 10

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I hope everyone had a wonderful day! Mine was definitely better than last year. Of course, it wasn't that hard to make an improvement over last year!

I didn't blog about it then because of legal issues, but those have all been settled. Last year on Cinco de Mayo, we celebrated with D in the hospital. He had been seriously hurt at work. He ended up with 20 or stitches in his head and a serious concussion. Who knew teaching middle school could be so dangerous?

By the time Mother's Day rolled around, D was still on some lovely pain killers and now suffering from Post Concussive Syndrome and pretty radioactive after several MRIs. He was also looking like the Frankenstein Teacher. It wasn't pretty! Thankfully he had an amazing doctor at the ER who took his time stitching him up and a year later, the only person who notices the nearly two inch scar on his head is D. It's sort of like I'm the only one who notices the slight droop on the left side of my face and the low muscle tone following my bout with Bell's Palsy that ended in the beginning of May last year.

To say that last Spring was a real trial for our family would be the ultimate understatement!

I was really afraid that I would be making my own Mother's Day dinner again this year when D came down with a stomach bug. I also caught something. This meant we all stayed home from church. The good news is, D was feeling well enough to grill and the kids stepped up and made some lovely sides and dessert. Yay!

My Mother's Day present was a trip to B'ham to get my hair cut. D says it's too short, but I like it and after having my hair longer than I care for for the last 16 years to make him happy, it's time for ME to like my hair! And I love it :D

So, now what everyone has really been interested in...our menu for the week

Sunday--Grilled Pork Tenderloin, broccoli, brown rice & quinoa, homemade rolls and hot fudge cake

Monday: Grilled Pork Chops, smashed cauliflower, yeast rolls, grilled corn on the cob

Tuesday: Moroccan Style Flatbread (delicious, btw)

Wednesday: baked spaghetti, breadsticks

Thursday: Teriyaki Pork Chops

Friday: Girls Night in! The Boys are camping, so we're not cooking :) Veggies, cheeses and crackers and a chick flick :D

Saturday: Pizza

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