Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scheduling Craziness

It takes a special kind of crazy to be the mother of six kids. For the most part, it isn't any more difficult to mother six children, but it is definitely noisier! The noise level in our house is usually over the top. I kick the kids outside just to hear myself think and will hide in the laundry room if I need to make a phone call.

The difficulty of having a large family is catching up with us this year. Little B had been attending the same academic magnet Leelee and Danger Girl attend. It's an incredibly rigorous school and not for every child. It wasn't for Little B. We were all pretty miserable. The children work a grade level ahead and Little B was admitted only a few days before school started last year. He essentially skipped a year in school and wasn't able to make the leap. Today, we received a call that there was an opening at another magnet school and Little B was offered the spot! Naturally we snatched it up!

This means that we will have four children in four different schools in the fall! Not only are they in four different parts of town, they start at different times. Little B and Danger Girl will catch a bus, and Leelee could, too, but her school starts at 715! That's crazy early for a kid who struggled to get UP at 715 during the school year with an 8 p.m. bedtime.

We now have to juggle four different activity places, teacher meetings, field trips, PTAs, fund raisers, uniforms, and everything else that goes with it. Not to mention D's school related activities.

My head is already spinning with the stress of it all. If I thought my ADD was bad before, it's going to be worse once school starts.

My plan to deal with this? Stick my head in the ground and pretend it isn't happening I'm making a flip chart detailing everything from daily cleaning schedules to chores to who is allowed to do what and when. The Boy still needs a basic hygiene flip chart *roll eyes* Part of me wishes he would discover girls soon so I wouldn't have to remind him about things!

I'm really looking for excellent family organization tips now! HELP!


  1. I just signed up for because I find that I'm better at doing housework if it's "mixed up" a little bit and not the same every week. Maybe that would help?

  2. OMG that sound too crazy for me. Good luck with that!

  3. I got so sick of telling the kids ten times what they needed to do in the morning or at bedtime, so I made them each a "routine" list. It is working so great right now (the summer list is different than the school year one). They have to complete their tasks and then report to me before they can do what they want. The other day, I heard Nathaniel putting dishes away at 6am and then he came in to give me his "report" and asked to play Wii. :-)


Thanks and have a great day!