Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 tips for summer reading with boys

Sitting on my tooshie recovering from surgery is giving me lots of extra blogging time. That means two posts from me today!

I took an outing today. First, D and I voted in the run-off election. Then, we headed to the library. That's the other thing I get to do all day besides think of things to write about: read.

I have been blessed to have most of my children be very eager readers. When Danger Girl was almost 3, she realized she didn't know how to read. She burst in to tears and wanted to go to school. Needless to say, she started kindergarten already knowing how to read.

The Boy and Leelee will stay up hours past bedtime devouring books. The Boy reads the cereal box for fun. He's weird.

Little B is a different story. He's my reluctant reader. Books haven't really captured his imagination like they have for the other kids. He reads when he has to for school. It's been a challenge finding books he enjoys. Heck, with his attitude lately, it's been a challenge finding anything he enjoys at all!

So, to encourage my reluctant reader, here are some things we've been doing. You can find more blog posts about encouraging summer reading over at Twittermoms!

1. Designate a reading time each day. The school encourages 20 minutes of reading during the school year. We encourage it over the summer, too.

2. You can stay up late, if you read. I know. It's bribery but it works!

3. Boys generally prefer non-fiction books! We've been reading many gross facts books or The Big Book of Boy Stuff.

4. Comic Books are OK! Boys relate to superheroes and reading about them in comic books or graphic novels are a gateway into enjoying other forms of reading. It's all about learning that books can take you away.

5. Get hands on. Be sure to ask questions and engage your child (boy or not) in what was read. Do a project together. Make the reading mean something.

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