Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And now I'm back from the hospital

I know, right?

But this surgery had been in the works for a long time. I scheduled back in February so I could make sure I had the first slot of the day!

I'm feeling pretty darn good considering I just had major surgery.

D is going to be in charge of the ADD household for the next little while. It ought to be interesting! How many wives have said they'd love for just one day for their husbands to go through all they have to do without any support? Well, the secret is you need to have surgery! It's better than a vacation because then you get to watch it all fall apart around your husband's shoulders.

I wasn't at all surprised (tho slightly disappointed) to come home this morning to food on the counters, butter smeared on chairs, cereal spilled on the table and no laundry done. The kids have been bickering non-stop and two have been sent to their rooms for the rest of the day. The best part (for me) is that since I can't lift more than 10 lbs, I can't lift the baby so he gets to take Little Miss with him everywhere bwahahaa he tried to leave five of the kids with me IN THE HOSPITAL so he could go run an errand on the other side of the hospital, but I melted him with my laser eyes and he at least took the Terrorist.

I've explained to my mom that D is in charge of cleaning and I am in no way responsible for the state of my house when she gets here next week. I don't even want to think about what the house looked like yesterday *before* he tried to clean up!

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