Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm a good mom!

It may be a newsflash to my kids, but really, I am a good mom.

I don't make this statement based on several recent reports that my children are well behaved in public, nor upon how certain kids have really stepped up since my surgery. It's not based on their academic successes. I don't even base it on the fact that they think I'm the worst mom in the world because I make them do chores, play outside and limit tv and video games. Oh and I don't believe in giving them allowance either! I don't get paid for the work I do around the house and neither should they.

No, my big pat on the back for being an excellent mom comes from the fact that Little B, until the age of 6 or 7, had no idea of the existence of Hamburger Helper. At the time, we were experimenting with cutting our grocery bill and using an awesome organization called Angel Food Ministries. In the monthly box of food, there were packages of the dreaded Hamburger Helper. Little B looked at it, moved it around his plate and declared it looked like barf. He refused to eat it.

A few months ago, D was complaining I never cooked normal food. He requested the dreaded hamburger helper. I had some coupons and they were on BOGO...I made up a package for his lunch. He came home that day and asked if I were trying to kill him! So much for the fond childhood memories of boxed dinners.

Today, we reached another milestone. I had another coupon for a dinner kit meal and this came with a package of Kool-Aid. The big kids were excited. We used to drink Kool-Aid regularly, but stopped when I got on the eat healthier bandwagon. I asked The Terrorist if she knew what was in the little package. She had no idea. She's almost 4!

I think the great Kool-Aid experience tonight was a bit of a wash. The Terrorist loved the Kool-Aid but Leelee hated it. I'm not surprised since she is a bit of a food snob.

They also willingly tried sushi. The Boy wouldn't try it, but everyone else did and loved it. Except for Little Miss. I gave her a piece of raw tuna and she stopped eating for nearly a week. Well, that's not the whole reason she stopped eating but I'm pretty sure it didn't help ;)

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  1. We do that too, Going out to restaurants etc are a treat now instead of a staple! The kids surprise everyone when they drink water instead of soda or tea or coffee like everyone else!!

    Kudos to you mom!


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