Sunday, July 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--July 19

It's been a long time since I've done a menu plan. My life has been suffering because of it. Things are just crazy hectic around here.

School starts back in about three weeks and I can't wait. It's complete and total chaos, especially with D gone this weekend. My mom is here to help, but she brought along my dad and little brother. Little Brother is 18. Dad is the world's pickiest eater. It's bad enough that my kids have noticed and are complaining about the meals. My mom caters to his picky eating and since she's cooking ... we're having to eat bland meals every night.

Hopefully my menu plan doesn't send her over the edge. She's a baker, not a cook. She and Leelee made an amazing Zucchini Bread today. Both loaves were gone quickly. Mom was amazed since she ends up having to freeze zucchini bread because no one in her house will eat anything resembling a vegetable, besides corn, green beans and french fries. If you can't tell by the menu, my dad leaves Tuesday! Mom is staying another week.


Monday--Taco Rice
Tuesday--Hawaiian Haystacks
Wednesday--Meatball Sub Casserole
Thursday--crockpot Turkey Roast with summer squash risotto
Friday--Homemade Pizza
Saturday-- Spaghetti
Sunday--Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Pork Lon


  1. Are you my sister I never met? You just totally described my parents! My dad is the pickiest eater and my mom literally waits on him hand and foot! When she was in the hospital when I was pregnant with my daughter 20 years ago I went over and cooked him dinner. Then ran home to cook for my family. The next morning I got a call from my mother. She was angry I hadn't fed my father last night! I said "I went and cooked!" To which she replied "But you didn't make him a plate so he never ate!" Talk about shocked!

    I knew about his have to have corn and potatoes daily rule but to have to have his food plated... I told her if he wasn't grown enough to plate his own food he'd just have to starve. Harsh aren't I?

  2. Great ideas! I should do a Menu Plan! Saw you on Bloggy Moms! I'm following you now! ~Kimberly

  3. Mmm. Your meatball casserole sounds good - we are having meatball subs!

  4. A menu plan is the best solution because you organize the week and the kids know what they'll eat and don't ask everyday!
    When we went to an apartment for rent Buenos Aires I also preprared a menu plan but this time with local food, and they were really happy!


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