Thursday, July 8, 2010

My life is getting better and better!

Looking back over the past six years, I am amazed at how far we've come! A twittermoms discussion on how we've become better over the years prompted this post. Read more!

Six years ago this week, our lives started to change in a way we just couldn't anticipate. We were still living in a trailer next to my IL's house. D didn't have a teaching job for the fall. We had no idea what we were going to do.

In a single phone call, our lives changed. My grandmother had a car for us in Florida. We were in Oregon. The plan was for D to drive the car back to Oregon. Then, the inspiration hit. D's brother had a house in Alabama and told us we could live in it if we wanted to teach in Alabama. The whole idea was impossible considering we had no way to get D to Alabama for an interview! And so, my grandmother's phone call set things in motion.

D stopped in Alabama and applied for a job. He had one in three days. We had a place to live and we had a car!

With two weeks notice, we sold everything we could and packed it in a U-haul and headed east. It was like Beverly Hillbillies in reverse. We were leaving the culture and comfort of Oregon and heading to an unfamiliar place where we didn't speak the language.

Six years in, we're still working on the language. We've become accustomed to the foods (love some fried okra and catfish!) and to the heat (even tho it's in the 100s!). I don't think I will ever get used to the giant roaches, the fire ants, or tornadoes. I've learned I can survive just about anything with a few creature comforts like air conditioning!

And we've picked up some good friends and two adorable souvenirs (Little Miss and The Terrorist). People often ask if we miss Oregon. I do. I miss our favorite teriyaki place and the family (don't miss family drama!) But there's plenty I don't miss, like the traffic! I'd completely forgotten what traffic was really like. Here, we get traffic reports that involve cattle on the road.

What is even better is I've discovered so much about myself and my resilience. It's so much easier in Oregon to swim upstream when it's the cool thing to do. Having a natural birth and breastfeeding is expected. People don't even bat an eye if you tell them you had a waterbirth. Being in the south has let me discover that I do have a passion for helping mamas and babies breastfeed. I don't think in a community where it's expected that I would have developed a passion for it.

Six years in, and yes, I'm better than ever for this experience. Some days, I wish I could go borrow a cup of sugar from my mother-in-law but sometimes, being far away from those things that comfort us are the things that make us grow the most.

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