Thursday, July 29, 2010

An open letter to my dishwasher

Dear Dishwasher:

Perhaps you were so busy working that you didn't notice that the refrigerator broke last month. Perhaps since you're in the kitchen, you didn't notice that the clothes washer quit working. Maybe that is why you thought it was time to break?

Stop it. Just STOP!

No wait, go. I want you to go and work! And drain. Please. Please start draining.

D is working very hard to get you going again. The problem is you are old and no one carries your parts any more. But I still love you and my husband is a good handyman, so he's going to try his best to get you working again!

Also, please tell the remaining appliances that haven't been replaced or repaired in the last 12 months...which would be the stove (Yes, the stove is the only thing left in this house that hasn't been repaired or replaced!) that it does not need to break down. It is working just fine. I am happy with it and do not want to (nor can I afford to!) replace it any time soon.



ADD Housewife

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