Friday, July 23, 2010

Photo tradition

Every summer I torture my children and my husband in order to get THE photo. I used to try to get all the children smiling together and behaving. After awhile, I realized that wasn't going to happen. So I stopped taking pictures of them from the front. For the last five years, I've lined my children up and taken a picture of them from behind in order to track how they've grown.

Here is this year's photo!





2006: I can't find it on CD. I have it hanging in the house, though :)


  1. THis is really neat! Love the idea.. my kids (well most of them) are older and out of the house. Getting all the kids together... it's been almost 2 years since all kids have been here at one time!

  2. Love it! I think I only have 2 pics of all 7 of mine together lol. It IS torture! And it never fails, I always get at least one making a funny face or doing bunny ears.

  3. i soooo love these pictures! maybe i'd get more cooperation if i tried it this way....prolly not, but it's nice to think about! ;-p

  4. I love your photos. It's nice to see them grow and how their hair change!

  5. What a fab idea. I wish I'd thought of it for mine!

  6. I likey! I'm just now getting the chance to go and visit all my #HomeHer10 friends ... I should rename my avatar Ima Slacka :)


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