Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back to school time!

Back to school for the kids is absolutely dreaded. I consider it my vacation. Life gets a lot easier for me once the kids aren’t home all day!

With kids heading back to school in 8th, 6th, 4th and 1st grades, we’ve become old pros at making things work. I was very excited to see Twittermoms looking for tips on how to get kids ready for back to school. Things have to work like a well-oiled machine around here or they completely fall apart. Back to school is no different.

1. BEDTIME: About a week before school starts, we get the kids back on the school schedule. For the little ones, that means a 7:30 p.m. bedtime. The older two are rebelling against the early bedtime this year! We’re moving their bedtime to 8:30. It’s still pretty early compared to their peers, but Leelee and The Boy have to leave the house before 7 each morning. Kids who are well rested do better in school.

2. SCHOOL CLOTHES We don’t have the option of the fun back to school clothes shopping. Our kids have to wear uniforms. I hate them. The kids hate them. It makes for a lot more laundry! My strategy is for the kids have just five school outfits. They are hung in the closets on hangers. In the morning, the kids pull out a hanger and they are ready to go. We do like to save our clothes from the previous year. A few weeks before school starts we pull them out of the box and see what still fits. Little B outgrew every pair of pants over the summer. Thank goodness he can wear shorts!

3. GOOD MORNING! Just as it’s important to get the kids to bed on school schedule, it’s even more important and probably even harder to get them up on school schedule! It’s not hard for them. It’s hard for me! I like my rest!

4. READING The schools ask the kids to do 20 minutes of reading every day. We don’t specify 20 minutes during the summer. Usually it’s a lot longer. Once we get close to D-day, we start back in with having a set time every day to do our reading. It’s good practice for the kids to know when that time is.

5. A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING As the kids needs’ change, so do the ways we organize papers and supplies. The older children have picked out binders to help them get organized. We talk ahead of time about what worked last year and what didn’t. It’s important to give the kids a voice in determining their best organizational styles.

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  1. Mine have uniforms, but I find it makes for less laundry, not more. Either they don't change out of them after school, or if they do, the clothes they wear don't get dirty enough to warrant a wash for a mere hour's wear.

    And if it's winter, then their woollen winter tunics don't need washing often, only the shirts and tights that they wear under them.


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