Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Candy Sushi & Birthdays

Danger Girl turns 7 tomorrow. She's driving me absolutely crazy about it. With six kids we don't do birthday parties for every single birthday. We just can't. If we did, we'd be hosting a birthday party pretty much every other month. I do not really like birthday parties, anyway. The kids do get friend parties for birthdays 5, 8, 10, 12, 13, and 16. Next year, by virtue of the kids' spacing, we will be having three birthday parties. This year, we had two.

Instead of a big party with lots of chaos, the birthday child gets to pick any restaurant he or she wants and has a special lunch date with D or I. We are gradually moving out of the fast food with a playland stage and in to the sit down stage. The Boy prefers all you can eat buffets. Leelee loves Italian. Little B always wants Mexican.

Danger Girl...she likes sushi. And we're not talking the california rolls. She loves nigiri .

She loves it so much that she asked if she could bring sushi on the day she brought home the snack bucket from school. I quickly explained that her teacher probably wouldn't appreciate her bringing raw fish to share with her classmates and they probably wouldn't eat it anyway!

Our compromise was candy sushi made from rice krispy treats, gummy sharks and fruit roll ups in lovely Shrek green. If you ever try to make candy sushi and it's really hot (like it is here 8 months out of the year), put the fruit roll ups in the freezer or else they will turn into a sticky gummy mess when you try to get it off the paper.


Thanks and have a great day!