Monday, August 9, 2010

CleanHer10: Back in School!

Wow! Today was the big day for my kids. Four kids in four different schools. It's going to be a challenge, especially if there are more incidents like Orientation Night last week. Each school hosted orientation on the same night, one at 5 p.m. and the rest at 6! I am praying that we can avoid that sort of scheduling fiasco in the future.

My life in general is a scheduling disaster. Between all the kids and my ADD, getting on a schedule, keeping a schedule and not falling apart in the process is very difficult, but also very necessary. This is a big reason I'm doing CleanHer10 and kicking it off with A Back to School theme for the first day. It's back to school, back to routine. Or for some, I guess the first time with a routine.

I often feel like no matter how much I plan ahead, it's going to backfire. Yesterday for church was a perfect example. I am in charge of the library at church. I'm supposed to be there about 20 minutes early so people can get materials and make copies. Those who know my family know exactly how laughable this is. We're late to everything. D jokes that getting our kids to go in the same direction anywhere at the same time is like herding cats.

D hates being late so this always causes problems Sunday morning. He lists things that we could do to make it more efficient. We do them and it doesn't help. To prove my point, Saturday night I had the kids get all of their clothes laid out, including shoes. So we get up, get people showered...and then reshower kids who showered the night before because they are now covered in breakfast (and by covered, I mean food in hair, up the nose, etc). Now, we're running late because of that. We get Danger Girl dressed and she pulled out the WRONG shoes. The ones she found don't fit. We're late for church because of shoes again! Even in my best intentions, we're always late.

And I know that if we actually got everyone bathed, dressed to the shoes, hair brushed, fed, etc., then the little one would blow out her diaper.

It was a bit of a miracle that everyone made it to school on time this morning! Little B's bus comes about 5 minutes after Danger Girl's so at least if we make her bus we know we won't miss his!

I've got to get the kids in to an after school routine. They come home, change, do homework while eating snack. Then I have to immediately start dinner! They don't get home til 4. We enforce the following rules during the school year.

  1. No Cold Lunch without prior warning. The kids can't tell me in the morning they want cold lunch. Cold lunches must be indicated on the calendar a week in advance.
  2. No papers signed in the morning. Paperwork must be given to mom/dad the night before. I will go through the folders for the 1st grader, but everyone else is old enough to give it to me. This includes the dreaded reading logs.
  3. Clothes set out the night before. They wear uniforms. Each child has 5 school outfits. They are washed Saturday and placed on a hanger. All they need to do is grab a hanger, socks and shoes.
  4. One Chance, One Lightbulb. Two of the kids have to get up VERY early. If I have to turn off a light more than once, the lightbulb is gone. The big kids need sleep!
  5. No computer or video games. We outright ban computers for the kids during the week except for homework. TV is also limited. No TV before school! On the weekends, they get 30 minutes each.
  6. Chores, homework, snack. In that order. A couple of the kids claim homework to get out of loading the dishwasher, but seem to find time to call friends! Nope. Not happening.
Meanwhile, I also have to get my own morning routine in to action

  1. Snooze. twice.
  2. crawl out of bed.
  3. remind kids to brush teeth, hair, tie shoes, etc.
  4. rush to bus stop
  5. mama's computer time
  6. start cleaning/laundry
  7. remember to eat
  8. nap (please little miss nap!)
  9. more cleaning
  10. where did the day go? time to pick up from school!
I'm hoping for a bit more structure than that, but right now it's the best I can do!

I'd love to hear your day one organization tips!

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  1. I must say that your tips are amazing! I've got 4 kids that seem to run me over! I'm totally implementing these, especially the cold lunch and signing papers rules! Those are my worst issues!


Thanks and have a great day!