Sunday, August 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--Aug 16

The first week of school is done! Yay! I'm slowly getting things back in order around here.

I even found time to sew something for myself! I haven't done that in ages. It felt good to do something nice for myself. I should put that on my weekly "to do" list!

This week's biggest challenges are going to be (continuing) the schedule and getting in my sewing work. When the school sent home paperwork asking about occupation, I wrote down "seamstress" it sounded a little bit better than "blogger" since I actually get paid to sew for people whereas I don't really get paid from the blogging (aside from the occasional product or promotion).

Next week, the terrorist starts Mother's Morning Out three days a week! I am soooo excited. Three whole hours of just chasing after Little Miss. I have a feeling it's going to be more work without The Terrorist around LOL

We don't have any major adventures this week, which will be nice. It will make the menu planning a bit easier. We went off menu a lot last week, so much of this week's menu is recycled.


Sunday--Pork Loin in crockpot, biscuits, vegetables
Monday: BLTs
Tuesday: Brats & cabbage
Wedneday: Chicken soft tacos in the crockpot
Thursday: Hamburger casserole of some sort that i'll determine when i'm in the mood.
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: fish Sandwiches


  1. I have been to 3 or 4 blogs where they are serving BLT's on Monday! Including us! Yay me a BLT!

  2. BLT's sound so good right now. Wish I had the fixings to make them for lunch!

  3. It is nice to do something for yourself. I finally decided to have my hair styled professionally. And I love it!


Thanks and have a great day!