Monday, August 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--Aug 23

Big week around here! The Terrorist started preschool three days a week! It's actually a mother's morning out at our local community center, but we're calling it preschool. She is so excited. She came home today and wanted to do homework.

And since this is The Terrorist, you know this isn't going to end well. It ended with her asking to put her art work, to which I said "yes" and figured she'd put them up on the refrigerator with magnets. That would be too easy. She decided to attach them to the wall with elmer's glue. I know, I should have been in the kitchen observing her, but I was eating my lunch with no one begging for food or asking for anything! I was going to enjoy that particular blissful moment before dealing with impending disasters.

Speaking of impending disasters, if any of you have suggestions for how to lock my refrigerator, I would appreciate it! We have a side by side and the handles aren't open all the way around. This means traditional refrigerator locks won't work. Yesterday, The Terrorist helped herself to some strawberries and left the fridge open. Little Miss got there before I did and grabbed a carton of eggs and dropped it on the floor. Even when I'm on the ball, I'm still left cleaning up major messes throughout the day!

Menu Plan

Sunday--Breakfast (thanks to the dozen cracked eggs, we had omelets)
Monday-- Cola Roast (yum!)
Tuesday-- Paula Deen's Leftovers Shepherd's Pie
Wednesday-- Paula Deen's White Bean Chicken Chili
Thursday--HAwaiian Meatloaf
Friday--Danger Girl turns 7! She's requested PIZZA


  1. I have seen chains and padlocks all the way around and I've seen duct tape. GRATEFUL I didn't have a terrorist living at my house! lol good thing she is cute!

  2. We have a side by side. Looking at ours, a C clamp would hold both sides together. It would have to be out of reach, though. Good Luck!


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