Sunday, August 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday -- August 2

I can hardly believe August is here! It seems like school just let out and now they are heading back next week! We go back early here because it is so darn hot. I'm writing this at 1030 p.m. and it's still nearly 90 degrees. It's miserable.

The kids spend a lot of time in our inflatable pool in the backyard. If they are out in the pool, they don't fight and that makes for one very happy mama. It is small, but they splash a lot and cool off, and like I said, everyone is happy and not driving me crazy.

And, when there's outside play you know there's a Danger Girl story. As usually, it begins with a call to D and me saying "You are not going to believe what I caught her doing today!"

I am sure she is going to try this stunt again and I'm going to make sure the camera is ready so I can show you exactly what kind of maniac this child is! She will be 7 this month...if she lives that long.

The way my house is set up, I have a large kitchen window that looks out directly over our backyard. I have a full view of it. It makes it very handy for me to have the kids outside and be at the kitchen cleaning and still keeping an eye on things. There is a giant tree in our neighbor's yard along the fence-line that hangs mostly in to our yard.

It was from this vantage point that I look out and see Danger Girl hanging from a tree branch and swinging back and forth! I could tell she was trying to determine if she could get enough momentum to actually land in our small inflatable pool! When she realized that a) she wouldn't be able to achieve her pool goal and b) that she was caught, she quickly jumped out of the tree and went back to trying to kill herself in her more traditional way, doing flips on the trampoline.

She has asked to take up rock climbing. I told her I needed to check on our insurance first.

This week, she took three good whacks to the head with various stunts such as running full speed on to her bunk bead and hiding behind doors trying to scare people and not moving out of the way fast enough when they opened the doors.

I really can't wait til school starts next week and the amount of injuries decreases. The kids are still working up quite the appetite, so hopefully they will enjoy the meals this week. With the dishwasher breaking down last week, we ended up not eating half of what I had planned, so we're recycling those meals for this week.


Sunday: Spaghetti and meatballs
Monday: Chicken Fajitas in the crockpot
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken
Wednesday: Slowcooker Cola Roast
Thursday: Beef Stir Fry
Friday: Pizza and a movie
Saturday: leftovers

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  1. I'm dyin! DANGER GIRL....the name says it all, doesn't it! If she had done the pool thing, she probably would have put a hole in the bottom of it!


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