Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tommee Tippee Explora Easi-Mat review

I was recently provided with an Explora Easi-Mat to review by the folks at Tommee Tippee.

The Explora Easi-Mat is designed for children who are moving on to solid foods. It's designed to hold plates, bowls and even silverware in place. It works best with the other Tommee Tippee Explora-line, but it also works with other flat bottomed dishes. It's dishwasher safe and it rolls up for easy storage and travel. It's also BPA- and Phthalate-free.

For those that also aren't familiar with Tommee Tippee:

Tommee Tippee, from the UK-based Mayborn Group Limited, the #1 brand of infant and toddler feeding products in Great Britain, is loved by parents and children alike and is one of the top brands of infant products and accessories in the global market. Tommee Tippee has received numerous brand accolades in Great Britain, including top ranks in the prestigious Mother and Baby Gold Awards – a head-to-head assessment of competitive products voted on by moms themselves. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature line of baby bottles has been chosen as Great Britain’s best baby bottle by The Mother and Baby Gold Awards: winning the category in 2006/7, 2008/9 and again in 2009/10. In 2009, Tommee Tippee was the first and only children’s feeding brand to be selected as a UK Superbrand in a nationwide poll of consumers, putting it on par with brands such as Microsoft®, Coca-Cola®, Nike®, Lego® and Google®.

I showed the product to a mom friend and she thought it was brilliant. When her little one was small, she used a couple suction cups to hold the bowls and plates on the table!

I do not own any of the other Tommee Tippee products. In fact, this was my first experience with the line. I'd heard rave reviews, so I was very excited to try it out ourselves. Little Miss loves to try to feed herself and it usually ends up a mess.

The first time I had D use it. He put it suction cup DOWN on the table and proclaimed it didn't work very well. We had to try several bowls and plates to find ones that we owned that worked. All of ours have been through many children and the bottoms have become slightly warped over time. In order for the suction cup to work, the bottoms MUST be flat. No slight bulging. And, some bowls that have too deep a rim on the bottom will also not work, unless there's some secret I don't know about.

Once we found plates that worked (plastic plates from Ikea worked best), the product worked as promised. Little Miss couldn't push her plate all over the table. Her food stayed in place in front of her. Much happier Little Miss. It did not, however, prevent her from picking up the plate and mat and dumping the whole thing on the floor. I have a feeling that would be an issue even if we had the proper plates!

I will continue to use the product, but not necessarily for Little Miss til she's out of her dumping phase. It does work well to hold flat bottomed cups and if we can prevent a few cups knocked over at dinner, then it's a real winner!

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  1. That's a pretty neat item. I could use that now since I have a toddler who likes to throw dishes!
    Glad I stopped by!


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