Friday, September 17, 2010

$1 polo upcycle!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was inspired by A New Dress A Day to rework clothing that was no longer the correct size.

Leelee has to wear royal purple or white polos for school. The royal purple shirts are very difficult to find. It killed me to spend $15 on one when I could get any other color at WalMart for $6 or for $1 at a consignment sale. I'm all about finding things on sale. This is one of biggest peeves with school uniforms! Royal purple isn't a common uniform color either. I was not expecting to find any at all at the consignment sales this season since it is this school's first year in uniforms.

I was pleasantly surprised (read: I screamed and did a little dance in the aisle) when I found a purple polo shirt for $1! The only problem? It was a size 18/20 and Leelee can still rock the 10/12s.

I bought the shirt anyway hoping that maybe it would fit. It didn't. She was swimming in it. And I knew there was no way she'd fit in to it...pretty much ever.

What harm then, after spending only $1, could I do with a pair of scissors and my serger?

I snipped an inch off of each side and half an inch off the sleeve seams. I left the sleeve length just so the shirt would be a bit different from the other kids. I like to find little ways to set her apart and assert my own disdain for school uniforms :P I was a rebel. My sweet daughter, even tho she has a funky sense of style, is most definitely not a rebel.

She refused to wear the oversized shirt. Leelee gave me the dreaded tween eye roll. We did get some smiley after know, when she looked fabulous.


  1. Way to go! I don't know if I would put in the effort. I am pretty sure I saw purple uniform shirts at my wal-mart, in fact gold and purple. I will look again and see because now they are all on clearance.

  2. that would be great! she could go with a size large in case she "blossoms" a bit more.

  3. The polo looks perfect on her!


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